Prisons are a bit fucked then huh


do you reckon they’ll increase funding or do you reckon things will continue to get worse untill there’s a riot/an officer gets killed?


will never happen, obviously …


Calm down Ricky Wilson

Friday Stats Check

It was privatised in 2014, when the government was aiming to cut £500m from the prisons budget.

Bloody Cameron.


i thought spice was like a synthetic weed subsitute, like a legal high?


Privatisation, innit. They’ve been on the slide for the past 5 years or so, that’s why my dad binned it off for early retirement.


Wonder what percentage of panorama docs get binned off early because absolutely nothing is happening. Reckon 70%


binned in the life of crime cos he didn’t want to end up in an underfunded shithole like that? understandable.


Wouldn’t you do the same after they stopped giving out playstations to every inmate?


Most Evil[poll max=50]

  • Sodexo
  • G4S
  • Capita


Our government will do their best to respond. Oh no wait, they’ll just play to the Telegraph crowd of course


it was a legal high but those were done away with by a stupid piece of legislation. Apparently spice ws really fucking awful. Like it was actually what the propaganda in the 1950s said weed was.


ahh, figures. had mates who liked it and mixed it with their weed.


but prison is like ‘holiday camp’?


was until Cameron sorted it out mate!


spice was fucking horrendous, no idea how anyone could enjoy it


Silly concept tbh


prisons or spice?


Both I suppose


spice: horrendous

prison: serves a purpose

you don’t think anyone at all should be locked up? i’m all for treating people well, providing education.

you reckon we should just get rid