Privacy settings box over thread post number box


slightly annoying


Sorry, IT’S DA LAW! (apparently)

Lemme know if it’s causing any issues.

I might not need to have it on the forums as well as the main site, but it’s easier for me to test it here.

If any geeks can help me improve the code, please step forward.

do you need to have the ‘privacy settings’ box displayed constantly? haven’t seen this on any other sites (or haven’t noticed it)

can you move it so that it’s not covering something?


There’s probably a really easy way around it for people reading the site, like adding the number of the last post onto the thread name in the address bar, etc.

Doesn’t really help with other things it covers up in the bottom corner (upload option when posting, exit for post preview, maybe other things I have spotted yet).

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*haven’t spotted :woman_facepalming:

It’s annoying for sure, ads chasing you around the screen like eBay.

Yeah can this be moved please? Unable to scroll to the bottom of a long thread now without scrolling for 10 minutes

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There’s another upload button in the top bar after you hit the 3 horizontal lines button :slight_smile:

Can’t find any other way to exit post preview though

Either Sean has removed this or it’s not showing up on Desktop.

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showing on desktop for me, but on desktop it’s not obstructing anything like it is on mobile

Hmm, maybe CTRL+F5? Or can you screenshot? I can’t see anything different.

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bottom right

But here it is on mobile covering up the reply numbers box

Ah right, yeah it’s not showing up so either as an admin I am excused from needing it or else it’s been shut off and it’s the shitty website caching stuff

No, I’m not seeing it in this test account so I guess it should be gone :thinking:

Thanks, internet caching - you fuck things up again

Weird. I am not seeing this box at all.

I think this option only appears if your user has been flagged as a ‘trouble maker’

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Can you see it now?