Private healthcare


Been thinking about all this coz of recent penis explosion (see friday thread) and the run up to it.

The NHS is going to be brutalised even more – looking like maybe 10 or so years of clusterfuck damage, right? It’s not going to get better if Labour don’t get in, and even if they do brexit will hammer the funding.

What’s ‘right’ to do if you’re in your 30s/40s and want to safeguard against the various irks of ageing? Is it morally wrong to take out private healthcare or is it fine as long as you’re voting in ways to try and remedy the ailments of national health? Is it silly not to take advantage of it, or is it propping up an ethically problematic concept?

Weight in, DiS (on these privately produced scales).


Can you link to your penis explosion?


Yes, it’s morally wrong.

If you want to make a difference go larrup a copper.



ooh we need a poll


Probably quicker to read this thread


oh balls. as you were everyone. Sorry bugduv!


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  • Become a terrible human being
  • Go larrup a copper

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that’s more @epimer. i’m the ‘other side’


Feel like I’d be more ready to make a family member use private care than let myself do it, but I’m silly :cowboy_hat_face:

Just campaign against the Tories in the meantime innit


You’ve gone too far this time.


Like all of this is pissing in the wind if you’re not involved in any political activity at all


:’( we were doing so well goddamnit


I’d like to apologise to everyone but particularly to @xylo for my misspelling of larrap.


Just googling how to avoid kidney stones.


i can’t recommend a course of action highly enough


I think when it comes down to you or your families health (and I mean serious, not trivial things) then politics and morals go out the window and you just want the best care you can get. So yes, if you foresee health problems in the future and you can afford it then go for it.

Don’t even care if the usual suspects call me a Tory for saying it - it’s the truth, isn’t it?


yeah THIS is actually something i realised. my mum is staunch labour and would never get private healthcare but sometimes i wish she would.

my dad got it coz his cumulative issues were a strain on the NHS anyway so he figured he was being as good as he was evil to ‘get out’


m8 too soon (rip xylo jnr)