Private registrations


What is the point of them? For complete bell-ends surely? If anyone wants to defend the private registration, i am willing to change my view.










Saw a police dog unit van the other day which had the plate K9 KOP :roll_eyes:


Never seen as many of these in my life than when I was living in Queensland.

Blew my mind when I saw this particular one.




Rich idiots willingly giving their money to the state. Fine by me


Saw a woman driving a big white Range Rover the other day that had the plate ‘H4 GAK’. Hope that’s her initials cause otherwise you’re a massive twat aren’t you?


Saw a young man with LAB1A in Brisbane a couple of years back. Definitely a cunt.


Hangs around them for sure


Are my two Aussie favourites


I’d only ever consider it if I could get a private registration that pays close homage to standard registration plates in order to subvert the vendor’s bourgeois sensibilities


Thank you for bringing up this topic, I meant to post something similar yesterday.

On my way home from work on Tuesday I was driving behind a BMW X5, with the number plate AX55 TOP, but spaced out as A X5 5TOP.

I had an incredible urge to shout something at him as I passed, but just swore at him in my head.


When i was at uni in my 2nd year we were 10 finding a house and ended up taking over the rear wing of a 27 bedroom one (aka the crappy extension). The rest of the house and its massive bedrooms were taken over by wealthy students, one of whom had a private registration that was WHO5 [his name]. He was also responsible for the giant willy shaped snow sculpture that appeared in our front garden on a snow day :sleepy:


There’s one I see locally which is:


Nearly crashed into a lamp post first time I saw it


Very regularly see “I JAM” but yet to hear any tunes


Reminds me. What happened to @fappable?


My favourite was a top end Audi I saw on the M25 with H8 TAX. What a great guy!