Private registrations



I used to say that when I was young and my heart was an open book
(you know I did you know I did you know I did)


Bloke round our way when I was growing up used to have PEN15 on a really expensive Mercedes. He also had a reproduction of the reliant robin from only fools and horses.

Still can’t decide whether he’s a hero or a twat.

ok so they’re not ALL bad

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I think I like him.


Saw this the other day. Pretty sad that someone’s best friend is a car

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Nothing to add cause cars are for centrist dads but this always makes me laugh


Ok, yep:

Someone who lives around here has one that includes D1OLCH, which if you are Welsh is terribly polite.


and that at one point they will sell their best friend for money, or give them to someone to crush them into a fucking cube.

my mate got a personalised number plate for his 21st. it’s Y21 then his initials, which is naff as fuck but makes his car easy to spot in a carpark :man_shrugging:

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Know of the guy that owns ELV1S. Apparently that’s worth quite a bit. But it’s surely peaked in value

I always remember seeing M1 NGE driving around Bracknell in the 90’s

A guy I knew when I was a teenager had a really old car, a 1940s something or other. It’s number plate was something like AB 1. When it was too much to have the car repaired he took it to the scrap yard but kept the number plates, thinking that he could sell them to someone that wanted the registration, not understanding that the registration now legally belongs to the scrap yard. D’oh.

What a joker

a new start



bit sexist that, pal

Would quite like R4 ANS.

what is it that is “free”?