Private Schools

My hometown private school has a declared income of 41 million year ending June 19. This is fucking mindblowing to me. It’s also a school notorious for

  • doing fuck all for the local community but
  • in conjunction with a tory council, becomes an excuse for the council to not spend money on basic things like a public swimming pool because ‘the school’s own pool will provide some hours to the public.’

I know there are a million things to be angry about right now but this one just kind of lights a fuse with me.

  • Remove private schools’ charitable status
  • Abolish them altogether
  • iT beNEfItS ThE ECoNoMy loNg TeRm

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I should have included

‘tax them retroactively for a decade, wait a year, then abolish them’


Was sent to one, don’t believe they should exist, get extremely frustrated at the point of the argument where you say “do you think that personal wealth should get you access to a better standard of education than other people” and they say “oh but that’s just life isn’t it, that’s how it works” and you want to scream BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE, DOES IT, OR AT THE VERY LEAST NOT TO THE INSANE EXTENT THAT IT IS NOW




idk. private schools being given charitable status is… surely fully, fully indefensible


Went to one and thought it was fucking great. Always kicked myself for not taking a full-time job there tbh.

i mean of course it was fucking great - it was designed to allow you a life better than others through paying a lot of money.

probably worth saying now that i’m not angry at children for benefitting from something, but I am angry if they don’t see the inherent issues with this as adults.


Same with grammar schools, innit.


Also went to one. And loved it while I was there.

Still think the concept and existence of them is fucking shit. Abolish them.


i would be way, way less angry if they weren’t classed as charity. eton, winchester et all being taxed properly is an insane amount of money, which they can absolutely afford to give.

so much in life is who you know, all this stuff is just a lifelong networking thing isn’t it anyway, shutting out connections to people from poorer backgrounds. Sometimes still get mad at all the pressure from school about going to university when if I had finished my degree it would have made no difference to my life anyway, sometimes wonder if the teachers knew or believed that a lot of the students had little chance


It’s slightly mad to realise private schools operate as a networking opportunity for lizard overlords


Oh it’s a completely awful system. I’m just a massive self-serving hypocrite who’d send my own kid(s) to one if money allowed.

Went to one 11 to 16, liked it well enough at first but was very unhappy last couple of years and left to go to a regular sixth form, was an excellent decision for me

But yeah just something that shouldn’t exist and ridiculous that they are so beloved of people who also believe that people have equality of opportunity in this country


Actually I don’t believe they believe that, they just say it and think something else


see also ‘poverty is relative’

I went to one get rid of the fuckers awful places

I went to one on a bursary. All worked out fine and I am incredibly down to earth and very funny.
Think grammar schools are an issue as well tbh. All those parents paying for private tuition so they get in “oh, he’s just so gifted and has earned it…when we pay for an additional 10 hours of study a week”

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reckon I would really struggle with being a parent because I don’t think it’s right to want your kids to have a better opportunity than others but that’s kind of what love does isn’t it


Went to one at late primary and secondary. Hated the institution and mentality of the place but there were undoubtedly some very good and caring teachers there that I wish the best for. Got me good grades, a university place and almost certainly carved out an academic curiosity in me that has gone in to shape me and a lot of my interests in adult life. Have absolutely no idea how “talented” I would be if I hadn’t been put through that system and benefitted from all the advantages it bestows.

Personal opinion is abolish private schools and raise wages of state school teachers so that the good teachers from both state and formerly-private sector are rewarded for their work.

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