Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro

7 chris boardman


#1 miguel indurain
#2 stephen roche
#3 raymond poulidor
#5 claudio chiappucci
#6 andri van der poel
#7 chris boardman
#8 greg lemond
#9 lucien van impe
#10 mario cipollini

need 4 and possibly 11

Think it’s either Dumoulin or Armstrong

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4. Could be Johan Vansummeren

So the big reveal, love his answer for #11

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Dr Gendt wins from the break again :heart_eyes:


Lovely stuff from the good doctor


Such a lovely bloke


When is it your birthday, @rich-t ?

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End of July :kissing_heart:

QSF did not have a good day yesterday

This is pretty big from Westra

Roglic wins Romandie. Turning into a bit of a stage racer.

Anyway, it’s all about the Giro now! @anon67149139 has sorted the league out, get your puns ready.

Giro d’Italia Guide

Nice brief overview here.

Nope, but I’ll claim it!

What’s the code?

Edit: found it - 902742016

Tour de Yorkshire starts today. Good chance to catch @walks005 on TV I hope

Spotted her. Good game this

Oh and Giro teams people!!! @plasticniki @plasticmike @allnerve @anon50098204 and anybody else who fancies it.

Yep - on it.