Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro


mate it’s not my fault that the cyclists of dulwich have more imagination when it comes to jersey design!

(MASSIVE @safetywink, before you come and burn my house down)


oh my god I am never EVER talking to u again



It’s a shame the rider I punned on isn’t even riding the bloody race.


it’s generally pretty slim pickings for the giro this year imho (both rider-wise and pun-wise). especially since i’m refusing to choose any sky pricks on principle.

(you should work on a selection of adam hansen puns. that fucker’s bulletproof)


mine was going to be Uran m’lord but yeah he ain’t riding


Hansen got a clue


Wood(s) you like to pee in this cup please


Hansen he got a lovely bike?


No, Ridley Noahs arent that nice. His shoes otoh


you always have a bloody opinion on everything


Why yes I do


yeah, but imagine how much less fun it would be if we were allowed to have opinions of our own without them being immediately crushed.

(:kissing_heart: @rich-t)


You lot all like the wrong things


i like you, rich. is that wrong?





ffs :frowning:


See the David Millar film has got its UK cinema release date: 29th June

Anyone looking to catch it?


i’d quite like to see it. i suspect i will be alone in this.


No, because he’s a prick