Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro


Honest answer is I doubt any of the cinemas around here will be showing it. And baby stuff obvs


Can’t believe they let the breakaway go :smiley:


I joined. I will do very badly but my team name pun as apt at least :+1:


Froome crashes hard in his TT recon



god i hope he abandons really early on.


Crashing at the start of the Giro? Who does he think he is, Geraint Thomas?





was fucking delighted when i saw that. top, top stuff.


I’m only 5’9.


Siutsou and Lopez both crashing too. Siutsou is off to hospital

EDIT: siutsou has broken the third vertebrae. He is out of the Giro


oof. Gutted.


Do people still have time to change Froome to Dumoulin in their Velogames team then?

*Edit - do I have time to transfer Lopez out? :grimacing:


Yeah think so, although choosing Froome would be a wildcard option imo


12:45 central European Time cut-off. So… hurry.


Froome with a proper heavy limp after that crash.


Apparently he’s alright… gonna stick with him I think.


got three in the current top ten in my team :cool: :sunglasses:


Froome lost 37 secs over that short a distance. Wow


Dennis won’t last that to the end.


Dennis won’t last that to the end of the first week