Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro


Simon Yates with the ride of the day, easily.



forgot to enter this


I’m not last :tada: things will obviously be downhill from here


Lol at the big man, Han



this won’t last


@plasticmike and i are enjoying a battle of the mismatched kit wankers :smiley:


think dennis is much of a threat for GC?


In a one week stage race, probably, but in a GT, never a threat


dunno, will be interesting to see how he gets on. crashed out of the last giro and the vuelta so difficult to say how his form would hold

edit: oh he didn’t crash at the vuelta just abandoned will illness


Think he’ll struggle into the last week in the top 10, then fall out in the final week. I’m interested to see how it goes though, as BMC lack a GT contender


Reckon he’ll top 10, but only just.


Good thread on the Froome noise going round today


The photos and videos from Yorkshire looked glorious.

This shouldn’t happen, though, should it?


Bet he was checking something on the radio and not concentrating on the road. Fucking scary stuff.


So THAT’S what that was


This boy has absolutely zero credibility to me. One track mind.

(not saying Froome is innocent)


Wish fuckers like this would just write a bloody blog post. Proper irks me.


Wellens Wellensed the peloton today. Froome loses 23 secs in a split. Classic giro finish


7 years ago today Wouter Weylandt died :cry: