Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro


eurosport are having a shocker today


that was fucking great :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


:yum: nice one for my fantasy team

yates takes the pink jers?


yates in pink. dumoulin 16" down i think?

chaves seems really bloody lovely, doesn’t he?


i love him







Imagine if Yates lost the Giro by 4 secs because he gifted the stage win…

I mean he won’t win, but imagine


god, that stage has cheered me right up :slight_smile:


@japes this is why Dennis would not be a contender for overall


tbf it was only last year he was targeting GC (apparently)


Probably ought to focus on 1 week stage races first


On a satisfying 777 points with my fantasy team and predictably dead last.


Still over 2 weeks yet mush


Yeah, obviously* my team is built around the climbers so I haven’t reached the peak time for points yet.

*hopefully - can’t even remember who I had.


you’re lucky i missed the deadline or you wouldn’t even be winning the wooden spoon


You probably have a lot more up to date knowledge than me though, Japes, I haven’t had the time to properly follow cycling for a few years so I am just getting gradually back to knowing who people are.


i would spend all my money on rohan dennis


Lance Armstrong is the hero of cycling, having survived cancer treatment. US Postal and Phonak are the good guys of the peloton. Riccardo Ricco is the new climbing talent and Saunier Duval are the cleanest team around.