Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro


I said that I hadn’t been following it properly, not that I had been living under a rock.


not sure if anyone else was watching at this point but during today’s stage brian smith and sean kelly had a silent argument, commentated by carlton kirby, because sean had been eating cake or something and had left crumbs all over the commentary box :hearts:


Also called Haeno, Henyo


yeah, that was good.

my god i love sean kelly so much.


Always confuse Sean Kelly with Sean Yates tbh.




Not in any personality / history way, just whenever one gets mentioned I’m have an extra mental second to work out which one they mean. There’s a third person who I confuse with both of them in much the same way, but not sure his name is Sean (he’s just “Joe’s dad”)


“Theeeaaannn Keeeellllllyyy”


Ha ha ha, Froome crashes going uphill! Then bumps into Bennet. It’s like a destruction derby or something.


maybe if he looked where he was going once in a while…

2013 called, they want their chris froome jokes back


Anyone else done a Le (The) AMGEN (Applied Molecular Genetics) Tour (Tour) De (Of) California fantasy team.

Made a mini-league: 92049329


Another bad day for the old froomester, losing time as yates solidifies first with a stage win and chaves moves up to 2nd. Pinot looking pretty decent too. But big tom still lurking well within reach.


Good looking top 10 atm. Reckon Froome will step off soon and focus on France. The TT will be telling. Think Yates and Chaves will lose loads of time.


Having watched today’s stage, I’ve some reservations over Yates’ performance


That was quite some scenery on display today :heart_eyes:


ooft. not sounding good for chaves at all today :grimacing:


early days



2 mins down atm. Should get that back as it’s a relatively flat stage, but yeah, not what you want after a rest day.


…or not, it would appear!