Pro Cycling 2018 - the stage race season begins and Il Giro


oh, esteban, this race was never meant for one as beautiful as you…



Getting rumours of soar throat and pollen allergies for Chaves.

Gap now at 5mins. Not looking good. Hang in there wee man!

(could actually do the team good if he loses time and isn’t ‘need to leave the race’ sick, then he can work exclusively for Yates)


They’ve called off the chase, so I think he’ll be protecting the blue jersey and working for Yates now.

That’s the beauty of the Giro


8 mins down atm


ooooft. 11 minutes gone already and chaves still has 10km to go to the line…


god, podium celebrations (and in particular STILL having podium girls) are ridiculously lame.


Might get eliminated.


he finished a few minutes ago - 25’ 24” was the gap, i think. should be fine in terms of time limit, just way, way down.




Good looking GC, nice balance to it. It expect to see Dumoulin and Froome move up after the TT and PInot to be there or there abouts. Yates will lose time, so he’ll be on the attack on the final week.

I bloody love the giro


Best celebration ever


They should just make every stage like the one today


Looks like BMC’s future is secure, but a change of both title sponsor and bike supplier. Deloitte is supposedly taking sponsorship and Giant supplying the bikes.

Which ties in with the rumours that Sunweb will be supplied by Cervelo and not Giant.

In other news TJVG actually has a leader’s jersey in a stage race! Won the TT in ToC yesterday. Expect him to lose time and possibly the lead on the stage to lake Tahoe mind. But nice to see him find a level.


Great beans from tao yesterday :muscle:t2::heart:


nice weather for it today :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:




good interview with yer man dan martin in the new (july) issue of cyclist, in case that’s of interest to anyone :slight_smile:


Zoncolan tomorrow!!!


very definitely the most exciting thing that is happening tomorrow :smiley:


I’m working :grimacing: