Pro cycling 2019: the thread


Blimey. I knew he wasn’t performing but sounds like there’s something else going on, maybe MH? He was never a favourite of mine but I feel a bit sorry for him.

Katusha are well fucked now. Poor Zakharin - so much pressure now.

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Shall i start a separate giro thread?



I will not be participating in actual racing chat, just moaning about it all


Yeah why not? I will probably be watching in the evenings rather than live but I’m sure there will be plenty to talk about this year.


waiting for someone to point out that my google translate italian is total nonsense


Obviously I checked using Google translate :grinning:, but it passed with flying colours

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Ok, will start one tomorrow


Roglic to win. Won every other WT race he’s entered this year





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doping prick


My crowning achievement



Samuel Sanchez banned for 2yrs for what the UCI have agreed was most likely a contaminated supplement. His ban finishes in August and he’ll be 41.


Physiological testing :thinking::thinking::thinking: