Pro cycling 2019: the thread



Their long reads are dead good.


And Caley Fretz is proper brilliant. I’d like to be him pls

SAME! thought it was a trick question…guessed the right name of the bike manufacturer but should probably pay more attention to the wonen’s Your. 6/10

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Thought that day in the giro was bad? The Dolphin-eh looks horrendous today. Is it safe to be cycling in thunder and lightning? Fifa would have had them off by now.

Love the paddling pool at 50 metres to go

All the parked cars in the final kilo makes it look so shit

dave brailsford raises a good and/or correct point?!


Brailsford suggested all riders could wear special kevlar-based clothing to help protect them against impact. “There are possible advances and let’s face it, if the entire sport said everybody has to ride with ‘x’, then it wouldn’t disadvantage anybody because they’d all be doing the same thing,” he said. “So it is an opportunity really to reflect and just think about, maybe as Formula One has moved forward in the last 10 or 15 years, why shouldn’t cycling?”

yeah - why not??

aye I’m sure a kevlar jersey would be lovely up an alpine climb

What a fucking spanner.

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OOOH is that the cynical twins music I hear?? :laughing:

Compulsory one-handed nose-blowing training is all that’s required.

Or just ban ITTs.


Imagine winning 4 tours and not being a snot rocket master. Appalling

Ok, ban stupidly deep rim wheels.

Agreed, slightly, but this is rider error through and through. There was a clip of him, a few minutes before the crash, putting a gilet on whilst riding no handed. The rider with him told him to stop and not take risks. A few mins later, he’s in a wall.

Having ridden a TT bike, they are really skittish on the flat. I know these guys are amazing bike handlers, but I wouldn’t want to be descending in a wind one handed.

they can wear whatever they like. if they want more safety gear then by all means go for it.

not sure what would help when crashing into a wall at 50kmph though

Yeah, I don’t really think it should happen, but if he’s talking about regulation changes to make it safer then making those bikes a bit more manageable would be effective without slowing down every single race.

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