Pro Cycling 2020 🚲 🚲

Well, the Santos Down Under Classic is up on Eurosport Player so, whilst purists may disagree, as far as I’m concerned that’s the start of the season.

There’s a Fantasy Tour Down Under on Velogames right now. Deadline 10pm today.

All the leagues from last season have been deleted, so I’ve created a new one ‘Drowned in Sound 2020’ with league code 754104221. Feel free to join.

I’m going to see the Tour of Flanders in April.

What are you looking forward to this season?

Continuing to not give a fuck about pro cycling. It’s nice. Barely watched anything last year, and only read racing reports. Reckon this’ll continue and maybe drop further.

Ummmm, yeah. Some transfery bits have happened. Nibs’ Trek kit review vid was fun.

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I’m off to see Paris Roubaix with my very own eyes over Easter.

Just willing Omloop to be here really.

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I know what you mean. Tour Down Under, UAE and even Tour of the Algarve / Ruta del Sol are all well and good, they give me a quick fix, but it’s hard to get properly excited before Omloop.

Pretty awesome to be going to Paris Roubaix. Are you doing the sportive?

Sam Bennett will continue to be the best sprinter this year.

*Just looked and he won the opening stage of the TDU, so yeah

Absolutely not. I am going with some folk who are. I have no desire to ride over those slabs.

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Will be fully behind arkea samsic fest nairo quintana this year, well excited for that.

Also can’t wait to see how this changes movistar tactics

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Quelle surprise

Woah! Big name if so

Ridiculous really. The Sport is fucked

Drip drip


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Just a bullshit sport now innit. Waste of time

And a timely follow up panorama investigation into Mo Farah as well. Love it.

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Only went on cyclingtips to see who’d won Ruta Del Sol. The Anderlass story was the first one I saw and I haven’t bothered going back.

so fucking glad it’s nearly cobbles time, it’s been too long


velogames hasn’t updated yet :grimacing:

can’t remember if they do a classics league or if it’s separate for each race

i think there was a league last year

his twitter says it’s coming soon :pray: