Pro Cycling 2020 🚲 🚲

can’t believe rich is gonna win the velogames

he doesn’t even like cycling

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Don’t think I am. Too many poor contributors now and no roga.

Sean Kelly suggesting that Bahrain were riding hard yesterday to ensure that Carapaz (Ineos) didn’t win a stage :smile:

Todays pick is… kwiatkowski!!!

He’s got no chance.

Might be one of the young uns again? Hirschi to go for it? Dunno

Gravel day!!! It’s not really proper gravel, the climb to get to it is much harder/more interesting. 5km at 11%.

Breakaway going for mountains points? Seeing as Pog and Rog are #1 and #2 now. Rolland/Hirschi/Peters? Dunno if anyone even wants it. Is Barguil still in it? Idk

Maybe Carapaz will go for it :man_shrugging:

Hadn’t noticed Carlton talking so much about him until you said it and now it’s all that I can notice. :woozy_face::woozy_face::woozy_face:

Still love him (Carlton). Also how many people in the world are called Carlton? Cool name.



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Giving Allyphilly the combativity award for yesterday is the most bent decision ever, unless he decked a spectator somewhere along the way.

Oh I see. It’s a tunnel.


haha. Hopefully he did. I love how apoplectic Carlton gets at the dickhead fans. To be fair, he’s correct.

AllezPhil will probably win today because I ditched him from me team yesterday.

Cos-he’s-not-cold to go on a massive sprint at the start of each hill and then die immediately.

Is Pog wearing the spots today?

Yes :bikini:

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Oh yes, Daniel Teklehaimanot.

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Stijn Steels

Carlos Betancur for his Eden Hazard approach to the off-season.

Interesting that the polka jersey takes precedence over the white jersey. Think it would be cool to have half and half jerseys if you’re topping multiple classifications.

Yellow jersey covered in red polka dots… Green, yellow and white Neapolitan ice cream style jersey…

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It’s beautiful :heart_eyes:


i’m in the polka dots
i’m in the green jersey
i’m in the combination polka dots and green jersey

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Polka dots has gotta be the best one no? Always just random breakaway geezer from the first few days who spends the rest of the time desperately trying to keep it. Cosnefroy is honouring it well (by being so shit).

Defo my favourite competition.

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