Pro Cycling 2021

New Year, new thread.

UCI calendar is here

Current view of the men’s World Tour:


Yeah… Piderz should win all of those, no drama.


Whats the story with hirschi, just offered a load of money??


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Yeah pretty much, offered a 3000% payrise and fucked off. Doesn’t seem to be any whispers about a fallout, but Sunweb/DSM do let people slip from their grasp.


Man, remember him holding on up that mountain in the 2017 vuelta when contador was on the charge.

Doping prick.

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I think of the recent dopers, that’s the one I’ve been the most… oh come on man, fucking YOU?!

Had a framed Aqua Blue jersey here, replaced it with something else yesterday.

What a twat.

He has such a lovely name to say as well.

No Giro D’Australia or whatever it’s called these days?

Got canned last year

Tour Down and Outer?

Tour down under and Great Ocean road race