Pro Cycling 2021

would be pretty cool to win this twice 10 years apart

These gap times are useless but I want to believe it right now and she’s somehow got this

do you think that final 1km felt really easy kinda knowing you had it in the bag? or is it still just as painful?

She doesn’t even look tired


Probably painful until about 300m to go or something, once you know it’s definitely in the bag.

Thought the same about Asgreen

Oooh - roggy vs poggy in the Basque Country today

Great writeup of yesterday’s RVV in Kate Wagner’s newsletter — her writing is so good, well worth subscribing if you haven’t yet.


Oh FFS it’s Kirby again

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Should be an absolute ban on putting tt stages at weekends and bank holidays. Gonna watch this now and then miss the rest of the week :unamused:

30km left to go in the Ronde de Mouscron women’s race. Belgian French commentary only.

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Mad how they’re always actually travelling at 60kmh on the tt bikes even when it doesn’t even look like they’re really moving

One day there will be a women’s bike race on tv without a constant background of heavy breathing

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Cav is going to finish in the front group at a decent standard race!

Always nice when DQS boss all day and fuck it up. Bora also working all day to only finish 6th is pretty embarrassing too.

"He’s got a big “M” for Movistar on his back and when there’s a few of the team riding together that spells out “Mmmm.”

Lovely Carlton-ing.

“When they bunny hop over things it reminds me of, ya know, horses, in, ya know, the Grand National…”

Awful Brian-ing.

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Proper brutal looking stage today.

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tell you who I don’t like - Carlton Kirby

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Mcnulty to win?

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