Pro Cycling 2021

Big Tam’s back!


Dauphine seems to be on weirdly early today, started already and they’ll be finished well before 2

they did the first 50km in one hour…

If they’ve timed it right then the live coverage is just about to start and they’re about to hit the best descent in the french Alps

Richie Porte beats prettygoodbutnothingspectacularreally man Lopez

Little Richie Porte

saw one of his BMC bikes on display at ridelondon - was more like a BMX

Enjoyed the lad who won today saying it was all down to Jesus that he won ‘oh yeah and i suppose my team’

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Bahrein have a few riders in the form of their lives at the moment. Apparently Padun’s ‘numbers’ today were GT winner level.


Wait is that G on the deck


Pretty impressive to get back in and lead the main group over the line.

HOWEVER sick of carlton et al calling him ‘unlucky’. Clearly has bike handling issues when descending.

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Shit bike handler. Cannot think of anyone who’s on the deck more than him. Yes, he had that crash off that corner at the TdF when somebody bumped him off the road. But apart from that, he’s not unlucky

Maybe porte.

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Think Porte is genuinely unlucky at times (the crash on the descent a few years ago, the Olympic games rr), but yeah, he’s on the deck a lot too

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There was that time he got taken out by a discarded bottle. Think it was in the Giro.

No one had heard of this guy before yesterday had they? And he’s just absolutely rinsed everyone up the alps for two days in a row?!

Religion is a hell of a drug!


uh oh

It’s the french teams moaning

Has a non frenchman ever won any race in France without the french teams moaning?


Tour of Switzerland: Is there any point? How long until warnies Tour de France thread?

Was one of my favourite stage races when I used to watch. Not so sure what it’s been like in the past couple of years mind

Just no one in it this year. Pog/Rog secrecy training/drugs camps have ruined it.