Pro Cycling 2021

Or crashes and retires from the race. Pleased for him though. Probably his last one.

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Honestly I would quite like to see him pumping down the Champs one more time, even if it is behind four other guys. Quite a long way to go to get there though.

Well this is disappointing, the backstage passes and All For One film led to me following them as a team rather than just individual riders before.


Yeah me too. They are/were my favourite team.

First words out of Sean Kelly’s mouth?


Tour or Wallonie anyone? Me neither. Who’s going to win the Olympics road race?

Tour please


Women - probably van der Breggen
Men - a Slovenian or a Belgian. If he’s fully recovered, Roglic.

Alaphilippe for me. Think he can climb well enough to do it

he’s not going is he?

Is van der poel gonna do the road race as well as the mountain bikes? Who’s in the men’s team GB team? Am I allowed to voice my dislike of Lizzie Deignan?

Idk tbf

last I heard he was sacking it off to focus on the worlds instead

Valverde then (I know he’s not going)


val.piti the fool

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Anyone want a laugh (from 28.15 onwards).

Nope (but WVA is tt’ing as well as road race)

Mostly Yates’ (plus G and Geogogogogogohan Hart)


Is Pog going? Or not enough room in the Slovian team?

Oh yeah, he’s going.

Pogacar, if he tries