Pro Cycling 2021

cairn o’mount isn’t it?

can i be bothered driving 3-4hrs to watch them climb it? not sure i can

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oh theyve not decided where this route is going yet :laughing:


Just noticed that Strava has it categorised as Cat2 and the KOM up it is just shy of 11mins.

Sa Calobra it aint.

Steep gradient but

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Yeah I don’t know if there’s anything in the Uk that would be classed as a proper cat 1 if it was in say, the tour.

Maybe something shortish and very steep in the lakes or Scotland, but they’re not really the same as a big long col because the power boys can just put in big 10 minute efforts and mostly neutralise them.

What’s the longest climb in the highlands?

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Only a 25km to go route map up atm, so yeah, they have no idea where it’s starting or going

Bealach Na Ba is about all I can think of. Hardknott et al would be cat 2 in le tour

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Might go and see stage 6 (x marks the spot)

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You know what this means don’t you :flushed:

Matt Stephens and Magnus Backstedt?


Remember when Matt stevens left GCN to a more exciting job at Eurosport and then got left behind and overtaken by the GCN lot when all the discovery money rolled in?

I quite like Matt stevens commentary, dunno why they don’t use him more

Remember when GCN was actually worth bothering about?

I like him too, but as a co-commentator, not the lead.

The top gear style challenges and stuff they do now are quite fun sometimes

There’s only so many times they can make a 10 minute video on “how to lube your chain”

paris roubaix, my favourite of the autumn classics

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Early start for the men’s road race tomorrow :sweat_smile: Will probably rewind & watch the last few hours tomorrow morning

its a brilliant course. should be a good race

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Getting up at 6 for it, (hopefully) shouldn’t miss too many of the good bits…


Up early to play golf and then will avoid spoilers and watch the last 100km or so when I’m back

Didn’t realise how difficult the climb at the end was

Similar method to the Riley’s membership photo technique.


Fuck. That.

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So if ITV haven’t got the Vuelta (no Imlach!) and Rob Hatch isn’t doing Eurosport, presumably that means three long weeks of Carlton. Here’s hoping SportsOrla doesn’t get COVID in Tokyo.

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