Pro Cycling 2022

You’ll have to find his post ok? Don’t blame me. (Don’t be a Roglic)

watching it again from the overhead, fred wright looked like he was just holding his line and roglic comes across into him and fucks himself


You get the odd idiot doing wild stuff but think the UCI have many, many more safety issues to address before they get to the behaviour of riders themselves. There’s already rules in place for holding your line in sprints, no puppy paws, no supertuck etc.

I feel bad I could only endure half a minute of it

Missed the end of the Vuelta. See you down under.

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Every year I tell myself I should watch the vuelta - it’s a grand tour! It’s got silly mountains! It’s got loads of fun people and new people to learn about!

Then I never watch any of it

Bear in mind I watch almost every minute of the giro and the tour, saving it up to watch on replay


Tour de France got nothing on this baby


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TT was pretty exciting.

Great to see Foss win. Feel a bit sorry for Küng, and dunno what’s happened to Ganna, maybe a bit hilly and twisty for such a massive unit.

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route announced for 2023 world’s.
apparently this route has over 3,000m of climbing? fuck knows how

Vollering out, Annemiek restricted by injuries. Getting my hopes up Vos might do it again but I guess Longo Borghini is the most likely.

Ooft, that was some selection.


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Scotland’s well mountainous innit