Pro Cycling 2023

Europeans? Don’t know when or where they are

Then Pog is back for Lombardy

I want to go to watch cyclocross in Dublin in November

European road champs 20-24/09
Giro dell’Emilia 30/09
Binche-Chimay-Binche 03/10
Il Lombardia 07/10
Paris-Tours 08/10
Tour of Turkey 08-15/10
Chrono des Nations 15/10

And some small Lombardia and P-T warm up semi classics and some Asian races like Langkawi

Still laughing at the vuelta finish yesterday

A 6ish man breakaway featuring all the best sprinters and finishers in the race?!

Breakaway gets caught with 500m to go, but the peloton doesn’t contain anyone who’s actually fast enough to overtake them, so the breakaway lads all finish in the top spots anyway


Is there a general cycling thread? I cant sleep. Got a lovely haibike ebike with a bosch battery and been using it every day for two weeks but anxiety about fires has kicked in and im panicking about it killing us


Just caught up. Enjoyable fayre. Jonas and Roglic really didn’t want Kuss to win did they? Great pantomime villains. Rog to Ineos?

Lidl Trek apparently

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Maybe fake news but saw some random Instagram post saying Cavendish is doing another season…

Rumour has been doing the rounds since 2 seconds after his TdF withdrawal, but it’s certainly picked up steam in the last few days.

Nathan Van Hooydonk has retired - he has a heart issue which caused his collapse

Also, Stefan Kung was riding half a TT yesterday with a smashed up face and helmet that looked like this:

so that’s good

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Head down riding, following the road and not the parcours

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Just finished watching the thing on Netflix about Cav. Really enjoyed it, despite a bit much from Lance Armstrong in it. Cav is fascinating, his ability to blow people away in the last 50m

Jumbo 1, 2, 3 at the men’s euros?

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good finish though!

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Classic Froome Dog

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Oh good, jumbo visma are eating Quik-step


This could be fun. Jumbo getting booed round France for not taking Alaphilippe because he refuses to work for a Danish child.


No way they’d keep alaphillipe

He’d end up at fdj, having next years’ fight with David Gaudu

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I really can’t see FDJ buying out his contract, or even matching his current contract if Jumbo agree to release him.