Pro Cycling 2023

Incredible to hold off those three

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Can’t watch while I’m at work but online commentary seems to suggest that E3 is proving to be a hum dinger.

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You have to feel for any second tier riders hoping to be lucky


Good stuff.

I’m enjoying whatever Lefevre’s team are called now turning to shit.


Is that the ghost of Ian Stannard at play?

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Gent Wevelgem looking lovely today

Impressive but a bit of a shame when a race is basically over with 50km to go

someone at least try and chase please

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or just let the gap grow another 30 seconds every other km

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Honestly if they don’t even compete for the sprint…

just heard my first cyclist f-bomb of the year, thanks to Nils Pollitt

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The women’s race seems to be heading to an even less exciting finish as no one wants to chase Reusser


Getting excited for the Ronde, especially with all the shit weather. I think MVDP will probably win again. Wout has muffed it by winning E3 Harelbecker or whatever its called now.

So far this season I’m mainly enjoying Pog trying and failing to win everything and Rog being back.

Can’t believe Valverde actually seems to have retired.


Pretending to have retired from the team but then attacking up the final climb. Classic Valverde.


RVV on Sunday then. The best day of the cycling calendar.

  • MvdP
  • WvA
  • Pog
  • Laporte
  • Pidcock
  • Someone else (show yr working)

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I’m out all day Sunday so planning to go spoiler free and watch the whole thing, starting around 5pm

Hope it rains

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We have a vistitor this weekend so I can’t watch it really (I mean I have a toddler so watching it properly is out of the question anyway) but might pop the last hourish on if we’re home

did you hear WvA was almost run over by a cement mixer?

Is this a particularly strong start list?

Seems like the strongest group of favourites since I started watching anyway

I know he’s out of form, but it would be a shock if someone like Alaphillipe won, that seems odd

i’ve got some family lunch thing i’m meant to be going to
so will be watching on my phone while ignoring everyone