Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)

Forget about le tour! Plenty to still look forward to this season.

San Sebastian this weekend!
Tour de pologne!
Eneco Tour!
Vuelta only a few weeks away!
World Champs!

Next year’s Giro to start in… Jersusalem! Of course.

Can’t believe you missed off the prestigious London Surrey Classic mate.


And the tour of Wallonie

tbf, I should have mentioned this:

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Was just about to mention this. Volta a Portugal, Larry H Millar Tour of Utah, Tour of Colorado. Loads on in the next fortnight

Eneco has changed to the BinckBank Tour apparently

Never seen either of these. Don’t think Eurosport cover them, do they? Shame, as I understand Utah in particular is usually pretty hardcore.

No, but you can download a free app to stream them on.

Might watch some of San Seb because it’s ridiculously pretty and I can’t afford to go again

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+ the winner gets a massive hat!

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ooo nice. Cheers!

They used to do one for the USA Pro Challenge (the old Tour of Colorado) but I can’t find anything atm


That and the big hat they get for winning Basque are great prizes. As are the huge salami thing from the tour of Austria and the piglet for tro bro leon.

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What’s better than risking life and limb hurtling down a fucking massive mountain, just to win a large sausage in the Tour of Austria?

What if a vegetarian won. WHAT THEN??

Fuck em

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Rough with the smooth. I’m sure the winner of the Tour of Morocco wins a vat of houmous or somerhing similar