Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


I’m running a stocktake at work tonight. Bet he hasn’t done that, has he eh!!!


Ryan Mullen (Cannondale-Slistream-Transitions-Subaru-Unibet-Drapac-Garmin-EDF-Chipotle-Barracuda-Cervelo-Sharp) to Trek. #Ooooft!


And Neilson Powless (Axeon-Hagens Berman to LottoNL- Jumbo. Best neo pro around ATM imo. Great move for both of them


Neilson :heart_eyes:


Couple of pieces of Movistar news.

A) there’ll be a women’s team in the peloton for next year. 10 riders signed so far. Really good news this.

B) new Movistar kit for next season, company rebrand. It looks right naff.

Looks like a mix between Rapha’s sky training kit and Astana 2017


i quite like it


Your edit is word for word what I was typing :sweat_smile:


me too #bluegoesfaster


i’ve seen worse

all clothing covered in logos looks shite




i’ve fixed it for myself


It’s not very Penge


bad news: we’re getting two new sponsors on our jerseys from next month onwards :face_vomiting:


Not very Aru



Do you have different jerseys? Like we’ve got a race kit (sponsors etc) and a standard one (plain). Our new kit is pretty Penge tbh, we got Kalas on board. Snazzy as hell. Be a shame to leave :speak_no_evil::rofl:


Nope. One jersey design.

Someone asked if we could make one without the sponsors on and apparently no we can’t.


Go old school for lyf! BOO! :joy:


is esa spunking all the ad revenue on sponsoring #penge jerseys?



A vast improvement