Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


Sounds like the first stage of the Tour of Denmark has been a shocker. Riders racing the wrong way and crashes. The race has been neutralised at the moment.


yikes. are there also cars parked all over the road at random like in the tour of britain? that was good.


Geek post alert

That’s the result of having a rolling road block, which is what the ToB operates. If they were to use total road blockage for the day, there’d have been no parked cars on the exit of the corner.

But the ToB have operated successfully since 2004 with a rolling block, and one incident should not mean the organisers are scapegoated because of it


yeah, i was being a bit flippant. as much as anything else, i imagine there would be complete uproar if they fully closed roads for the tob.


The Women’s ToB came through my home town a few years back, on a weekend, with a rolling road block that operated for less than an hour, and drew hundreds of people out onto the high street for the whole day. There were complaints and protests and letters to local papers and councillors for weeks beforehand from people who wanted to be able to drive everywhere.

In the end, a car had an accident before the road block was in operation and they had to neutralise the race right through to the finish.


I know you were. I don’t see full road closures being an issue as long as there is proper notice through the right channels. I’d also argue, like @marckee has said, that rolling closures are more annoying as people can’t plan their journeys around the exact timing of the race. If they this a full closure or 12 or 24hrs, drivers and the public can plan their journeys accordingly.

I’ve seen the ToB in person a couple of times. the closures happen about 10mons before the race has passed and 5 mins after. Both times, there were arguements between the Moto outriders (police) and the drivers, and on one occasion, a driver just ignored the closure.

Basically car drivers are entitled pricks


The worst I ever saw was actually a running race where a car drove through the middle of a pack of about 600 runners, tooting his horn because he couldn’t wait 5 minutes for everyone to pass. The only reason that the runners were in the road was because cars were double parked up on the pavement, preventing anyone from using them.


Classic car drivers. And stop trying to turn every bike thread into a running thread :wink:


on an unrelated note, i took friday off work to watch the tour of britain because the route went right past the pub i used to work at, and along most of the route i used to cycle to get there.

they cut to adverts about 2 minutes before they got to the pub, and came back about 20 seconds after they passed it.

still, if i had gone up to watch it in person as i originally planned, i’d have probably ended up going to a funeral with my dad and brother, so there’s that, i suppose…


I watched the TdF on the La Pierre St Martin stage in 2015 (first MTF, Froome dominated it and pretty much won the race on that climb). Scoped out a pretty decent spot and took a jersey from a charity ride to be recognised by the guys I did that ride with. Jersey and spot, pretty recognisable for TV I thought

Got back from the holiday after the guys saying they couldn’t see me. Researched the stage, Eurosport and ITV4 cut to ads as the break rounded the corner and came back on as the bunch were 100m up the road. Waste of fucking time.

Still got to see these boys at it…

Ignore the finger, my dad can’t take a photo evidently.


spd flip-flops in the top photo, there? :smiley:


Nah, took a rucksack. I was on holiday and had no reason to smash a climb. Plus it was fucking hot, so took a 2l bottle of l’eau and a sarnie with me. Best way to climb a col I think. Taking your time and enjoying it.


that’s definitely my approach to climbing! (well, taking my time, at least. enjoying it not so much!)


There is a slight difference to doing a British climb (generally short and sharp, never really more than 5km apart from a few long ones), and climbing an alpine or Pyrenean col. If your visiting, it’s nice to take your time and make the most of it. The climbs I’ve done (that I have got strava times for) aren’t going to break the record books…

Solour from argeles gazost - 11.9 miles 5.2% 1h 23m
Aubisque (East) 4.3miles, 4.8% - 27.21
Hautacam 7.9 miles 8% - 1h 05
Spandelles 7.9 miles 5.4% 57.02
Tourmalet 11.7 miles 7.9% - ~2h



yeah, i’m hoping to drag my dad over to provence at some point and go over some of the alps. we used to lived near ventoux, so that’s always been a bit of a bucket list job, even though it’s clearly an absolute bastard.


1:49.36 is my mates best time up there. 12.4 miles at 7.7%. easy


cyclingnews have released a fairly extensive podcast interview with pippa york about her transition and life over the last 25 years or so, and her first rouleur column under her new byline is online, and deals with much the same stuff as well:

the podcast is pretty bleak at times, as you might expect, but very well worth a listen.

on a personal note, as an incredibly un-macho queer person i always feel pretty uncomfortable with machismo in general, but especially with that aspect of cycling culture, so i’ve found her decision (and indeed ability) to come out, and the general positive reception that it received, enormously encouraging and inspiring. especially against the backdrop of such darkness and regression in this respect in other areas of life at the moment.


personally, not to diminish the courage etc it took to come out, IDGAF so probably wont be listening… that said I agree that the way its been received has been positive, at least outwardly… hopefully its sincere. between cycling with this and Rugby with a couple of gay players coming out… it makes football look REALLY bad IMO


Stage 2 of the Tour of Denmark cancelled due to the storm we had last night #STORMWATCH

Also today, one of the loveliest finishes in pro cycling, the climb up to Namur Citadel is used in the GP Wallonie.


Is worlds this weekend or next? I’ve left my diary at home. The young’uns going from :uk: are pretty lit :fire: