Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


Next weekend. Starts Wednesday. Have a calendar


Cheers big boy, gonna blag my way there :uk:


caleb ewan’s sprint position is mad eh



Pointless, and not anymore efficient than Cavendish’s or Vivianis


must be on the verge of crashing constantly

like if it went a bit wrong, you’d instantly be fucked. no way you could recover.


Imagine the rubber burn on his nose he’d get if he looked too far under the bars


mad awesome!


@twentynine the latest episode of Hors Delai podcast is titled Is Team Sky Bad For Cycling? And the first segue is from E-bikes to Chris Froome with the sentence “talking about motors”. Bloody brilliant.




really enjoyed philippe gilbert’s comment on chris froome’s latest instagram post:


Cracking race today. Quickstep being offensively Belgian in a Belgian one day race.

Also sounds like there’ll be a stage finishing in Roubaix at next year’s tour. Can they please send the GC guys over the Arenberg? Just for a laugh.


Rumours so far.


Surprise surprise, Trentin wins. Good form from the Vuelta.


Hope it turns out to be true. It’d be cool to see GT stages end on velodromes again - gone out of fashion a bit.


A bit…

Can’t remember the last tdf stage that finished on a velodrome.


The last tour that had all those pavé sectors was absolute carnage. Although it was a shit tour cause everyone got injured and Nibali was the only real GC bloke that survived.


Who’s your favourite to win the TT this afternoon?

Tom D for me, followed by Froome then Kelderman

Also congrats to Van Vlueten and Master Pidcock (@twentynine) on their wins yesterday


Big Tommy D please. I love him.


CHANGING CARPET waahhhaaaaoo waaahwwwoo (to the tune of Crazy Horses). Think that’s definitely the top three, I’ll agree with that!


Yeah, not a fan of this changing mat thing. Don’t mind the changing of the bikes so much, but it’s the push off after that is the issue.