Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)




Rough with the smooth. I’m sure the winner of the Tour of Morocco wins a vat of houmous or somerhing similar


oh god i hope so.

hummus :heart:


Does the winner of the Tour of Britain win a bath full of cold baked beans? Really fucking should do.


Probably a little trophy from the local sports shop


Close enough

Although they were giving out local cheeses a couple of years ago, but I think that was a Rouleur thing and not part of the ToB prizes


Great prizes in cycling. I went to a ToB stage in Kendal in 2013. Gerald Ciolek won a golden herdwick sheep for the stage win.


The best is the Trident for Terrino Adriatico.


TdF 2018 route. Pinch of salt required, but I think this guy is supposed to be pretty accurate:


the map has the wrong dates on for starters


DiS Bike Dorks do the south of France, anyone?

(Alpe d’Huez and Mont Ventoux, plz)


He is usually spot on about most things (doping especially) so I’d say this is pretty accurate. Ribinou in Brittany please. A mini Tro Bro Leon.


A race from Albertville to Alpe d’huez including the Madeleine and Glandon. Yes please!


Hoping for that too. Love the Tro Bro Leon.


That last day transfer, fuck me!


No worse than this year’s. You listened to Hors Delai yet?




holy fuck


Anyway, let’s not get too carried away with this route


decent top 3 that