Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


Because they wouldn’t be able to get tarmac to dry without running down the slopes, it’s so steep


YES! :joy:

Any quick guides as to which days should I be working from home?




Looks like a good guide. Make your own conclusions


Aru has such an expressive face. Sad clown.



Warren Barguil to Fortuneo-Oscaro. Step down from WT to Pro Conti (will they step up to WT next year?)


Sounds like there’s no plans to move up. Seems a baffling move - Guaranteed a TdF start, I guess, but he could have done so much more.


You’ve just photoshopped ed miliband eating a bacon sandwich onto arus body


4 guaranteed french Wildcards in Le Tour for the first time in a long time


Hadn’t noticed that… I wonder if it will finally encourage competition for WT spots (amongst the non-French teams, at least) like the UCI have been half-arsedly encouraging/expecting for the last few years?


Well, they’re introducing relegation from the WT on 2019, so that’ll introduce competition, or at least competition between the PC teams with the biggest budgets.

Just seems a shame that, with the arrival of a new french PC team in a Vital Concept team, that it’ll be a closed shop to the French in terms of Wildcards. Cofidis were useless at this Tour, whereas Wanty lit up most Sarge’s in the break and justified their inclusion.


I don’t like the idea of relegation for something you have to pay such a huge amount to be a part of. Especially when the points system is so fucking daft.

I hope ASO keep a spot free for a non-French team. Given the size and exposure of the TdF now, it doesn’t make sense to close it off entirely to PC teams outwith France.


Kristoff to UAE Team Emirates, pending medical results


i have been watching the Vuleta a Burgos

Mikel Landa has ALL the jerseys (apart from young rider)


That final climb yesterday was silly.


Adam Hansen to miss the Vuelta


Wish Tour of Britain would just announce the fucking teams already.


Trentin and Nieve to Orica. Great team they’re building now. Magnus Cort Nielsen leaves Orica for Astana, who are now more Danish than Italian or Kazak.

Rumours that Contador is retiring at the end of the season. Almost confirmed with Cyclingnews running a piece. Last race will be the Vuelta.


Er… Giro 2018 to start in Israel?? :thinking:


genuinely a bit gutted about this. 18 gts on the trot, though!