Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


Teams announced today, but not riders. A few have confirmed though: Kwiatkowski, Thomas, Viviani for Sky; Kristoff and Martin for Katusha. Cavendish too.


Close finish in the first stage of the BinckBank Tour. Sagan wins (apparently)


BIKE Channel Canyon are in, that’s all that matters :grin: We kinda knew already but it’s nice having it officially ratified after we missed out last year with the old team.



bike throwing’s a load of bullshit innit






Was pretty much confirmed about 30 secs after I posted that. I just couldn’t be arsed to edit, or repost.


Contador to wear bib #1 in his final race, as Quintana is not racing.


That’s Adam Hansen drafted into the Vuelta! (Valls out after a training crash.) GT19 is on the way! :muscle:


did everyone see this from tour de pologne?




when i saw the comments, i couldn’t believe how many appallingly laboured horse jokes people tried before someone remembered that tony gallopin exists!


Also, Laura Trott, Max Kanter


landa’s off to movistar then


Bye bye Quintana


Not Quintana for the Giro, Landa for the Tour and whichever has the biggest disappointment for the Vuelta? It feels like nothing at the Tour suits Nairo.


Don’t see Landa fitting in with Quintana and Valverde (unless Valverde is imminently retiring)


aye, valverde doesn’t have long left shirley. quintana apparently only signed until the end of next season too, so i guess they’ll wait and see how it works out


I’m positive they’d keep Valverde over Quintana though if push came to shove