Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


no I mean he doesn’t have long left in pro cycling, not just movistar. he’s 37 and out for months with his TdF injuries.


Reckon Valverde will go for a while yet. Had a great spring, injury occurred at the right time for winter training, and drugs

If in doubt, this guy is still a pro at 46…


Not excited for Vuelta yet, help.


think I wont be excited until sunday tbh :frowning:


Need all the bike podcasts to start previewing it then I’ll be like OH HELL YEAHHHHH.Thinkl I’m just a bit biked-out. (Until half 4 saturday when I’ll be like YEAHHHHH FUCKING WOOO).


I’m at Green Man so can’t even watch the first couple of stages.


team time trial though innit… unless someone stacks it into an old building or something :confused: whats the weather set be like…


Pretty good :sun_behind_small_cloud:

I do like a TTT. Just something so aesthetically pleasing about it. Beautiful city too. Eeeeeeeee starting to get excited now.


was it the vuelta last year where they did it on the sea front on shitty paths n that… that was fun :smiley:


But it’s probably a TTT on a jetty over the sea or something, covered in sandpaper and they eliminate a rider every 70m. Bloody Vuelta TTTs.


Oh yes! A sandy section. Forgotten all about that! #crossiscoming


alright, Jeff Mangum


I was hoping somebody would knock that one in the open goal hole


Mavic neutral milk hotel support bike


haven’t got anything else


Too far!


Kittel to Katusha! Oooft.


Rumoured for ages. Biggest transfer so far though


It’s the power of Alpecin!


Quick step were like “he’s hair today, gone tomorrow”