Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


Viviani to Quick Step.Oooft!


I’ll die if Alpecin ever stop being involved in pro-cycling and the cycling-related promotion of their excellent products


that’s… a slight downgrade

edit: for QSF, obv.


Pivot towards GC with Dan Martin?


Let’s hope so! Really no reason why they can’t effectively split their season/squad to cover the classics and 2 of the 3 GTs prioritising Martin as leader and hoping Viviani might sneak a win or 2.


Just don’t see him as a contender in a 3 week GT. I like him, plucky rider, aggressive, but top 5 placing max


yeah I agree.

He’s looked good (and was very unlucky tbf) because people haven’t treated him like a threat… not sure he’d be given the same leeway and be as effective… which would mean you’d lose the glory of seeing him do his thing. :confused:


Samuel Sanchez (BMC) pinged for HGH. Drip, drip, drip, the positives keep coming. Dirty fuckers


I was a big fan of Sammy.


So if he was pinged for HGH in 2017, imagine what he was taking in 2008 and before.

So was @thewarn, so was i


Pelaton is cleaner than ever… yada yada yada…



kin hell


tinted windows to hide the jiffy bags. good move.


dan martin’s gone to UAE


Dowsett to Katusha


You forgot the “oooft!”


You’re right, he does have good hair.

(You around on Thursday evening? Got the plastics staying at mine and we’re possibly heading to pi for pizza and then a couple of beers somewhere if you fancy a meet?)


Ooooh yes. Yes I am! I am most certainly around!