Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)



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Chris Lawless (Axeon - Hagens Berman) wins stage 4 of Tour de l’Avenir. A WT contract could be coming his way after winning this stage and the British U23 champs.


Pozzovivo signs to Bahrain Merida


Celebrity/character and cyclist names crossover.

Ok, currently/recently we’ve had:

Matt Goss
Jack Bauer
Tony Martin
Brendan Canty

In the peleton

Any more?


Rui Costa
Jack Haig


Jack Bobridge charged with dealing MDMA


Jack Bauer to Orica-Scott from QS




8yr ban for an American cyclist free his second doping violation. If some no mark cyclist is pushing this shit, it’s blatantly obvious that the pros will be too.

This is hell of a list of banned substances

“LeoGrande, 40, tested positive for raloxifene, ostarine, ibutamoren, GW1516 sulfone, RAD140, LGD4033, and andarine as the result of an in‐competition urine sample he provided on April 30, 2017. Raloxifene and GW1516 sulfone, a metabolite of GW1516, are prohibited substances in the class of Hormone and Metabolic Modulators; ostarine, RAD140, LGD4033 and andarine, are prohibited substances in the class of Anabolic Agents; and ibutamoren is a prohibited substance in the class of Peptide Hormones, Growth Factors, Related Substances and Mimetics.”


[quote=“rich-t, post:150, topic:16249, full:true”] raloxifene, ostarine, ibutamoren, GW1516 sulfone, RAD140, LGD4033, and andarine

Oh I’ve ballsed that quoting up on mobile.


Looking shit up there today


Best race on the calendar in my humble IMO


Possible resolution for Cannondale Drapac?

Tweet from @EuroHoody:

Cannondale-Drapac riders received an e-mail overnight from management saying “there could be very good news coming soon”


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Arnaud Demare wins Brussels Cycling Classic in his lovely, lovely french champs jersey.


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