Pro-cycling thread (classica San Sebastian - Paris Tours)


Iffy looking sprint from Eddie Boss there. He’ll keep the win though.


Colour me surprised, Boasson Hagen relegated due to irregular sprinting. Viviani wins today’s ToB stage.


2 domestic riders DQd from the ToB for attacking/riding on the pavement


And Talansky has announced his retirement


he’s only a month older than me and he’s retiring already, the bastard!


Hank DQ’d :frowning:


Serves him right, daft idiot


Does make you wonder what goes through their heads in moments like that, I’ll ask him tomorrow. Shame he won’t be racing the Cotswolds stage, almost goes past his front door. :frowning:


I did wonder what he was up to when I was watching it. Peloton right across the road, from white line to white line, so he attacks over the pavement. Strange move


I’ll Lombardia route announced today. Muro di Sormano included (yes!!) and a finish in Como


Look at it!!



Hello from the Tour of Britain! :biking_man: :oncoming_automobile:


tony martin really ought to sort this white skinsuit/brown grip tape combo out. it’s a really unfortunate look.


which car are you in?


BIKE Channel Canyon, Car 1


Not one of the good teams then :wink::wink::wink::wink:


HAMPSHIRE REPRESENT BRO :rose: :rose: :rose:


Spoke too soon. :cold_sweat:


brad wiggins looked fucking delighted to be awarding the kom prize at the tour of brotain, the smug prick.


Aye, smug prick indeed. My mate rode Rapha MCR-LDN last weekend and rode close to Wiggins. Said he was not talkative on the road at all, almost shut away from the other riders, but when he realised they was a camera trained on him, he chirping away. Weird.


I’ve had a ride with Wiggo, great lad. Had a good old natter.

Interviewed him for work once too - chipper and didn’t shirk any issues.

Every right to be a smug prick, what have we achieved in comparison?