Pro Cyling Thread

Pro cycling discussion thread

Omloop Het Nieuwsblad on Saturday

Kuurne-Brussels-Kuurne on Sunday

anyone gonna be watching…?

Who will beat Sagan…?
New teams, bikes, kit etc.



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Would be watching if our fucking internet connection was up and running :frowning:

Best kit in the 2017 peloton? Obvs it’s still Canyon-SRAM or Drops but if we’re talking blokes then the new Sky kit is quite nice isn’t it. Bora-Hansgrohe are runners up, I like the spotty shorts.

Great piece on Het Volk and Boonen here

Start of the season for me (yes, there’s been racing since January, but the Middle East races are clinical, and the Southern European races are more warm ups for the classics, although Ruta del Sol and Haut Var were cracking this year).

Omloop, Boonen, GVA, Vanmarcke, Stannard (?).

K-B-K seems to be missing a lot of the strong sprinters, so Boonen vs Kristoff vs Sagan. Panzerwagan as an outsider?

Not for me


Skys is a bit boring. Nice concept…
I like the movistar or cannondale drapac

Quite like Bahrain-Merida actually

does that do something on the inside when its unzipped too… sure I read that…

I hope no one wins on disc brakes (i’m looking at you Boonen…) as it will start to legitimise them. It will be a sad day when they are a regular feature in the peleton.

I bought this book:

and it won’t fucking work on shitty windows 8 tablet kindle app thing.

is it worth fiddling around with it or should i get a refund? (i.e. is the book good)

I bought my girlfriend the Rapha Canyon-Sram jersey when she got her Canyon bike. I know the rules about pro kits yada yada but it’s so nice I didn’t care. Would definitely buy myself the mens’ version if it was in the sale. I saw Hannah Barnes’s bike with the same design at the London Bike Show and it was sweeeeeeet!

you want everyone to race with cork brakes, flip flop hubs and a jar of chloroform?

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bought a eurosport player subscription two months ago and haven’t watched a single thing yet so yay 'mon the cycling

No one watches the Abu Dhabi tour, obviously, but there was a big crash and it looks like Owain Doull took a pretty nasty slice across his shoe from a disc brake:

I hate discs because they’re ugly, but this will raise questions about their safety again.

that seems to be the standard line. I think they look better than rim brakes.

But nobody has been injured by a chain ring ever? So much more dangerous than an exposed disc brake, but never any complains about it

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i find the whole furore over them quite funny

Each time there’s a “disc brake” injury, it’s on the rider’s left leg/foot yet no one can explain how it’s happened or has video evidence of the crash.

Though I don’t know why they don’t ride with shields on them.

Case in point is Ventoso in PR last year. Nasty looking chainring ‘bite’ (I should know, I have a massive one on my right shin) complete with jagged edges, no riders near him with disc equipped bikes. But no, it’s a disc that causes the injury.

Same with this one. Doull is pressed against the barrier, Kittel (the only rider in the race with disc equipped bikes) is nowhere near him, and on his right hand side. So instead of questioning how it happened (caused by barrier?), it’s an immediate cry of a disc cut.



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