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Gilbert out for the rest of the Ardennes races. Apparently picked up a kidney injury at AGR then went on to win it anyway like a bloody hero.


Two of the most obvious things happened in Fleche Wallone today. Valverde won (again) and Dan Martin found himself in a terrible position on the Mur de Huy and ended up sprinting for the podium (again). This race really needs a shake up. The Addition of the penultimate climb hasn't given the race the change it needs, and the change to the AGR course worked well.


Yep. Was genuinely surprised that the AGR (well, last 30KM or so) was actually a decent race this year.


Will wait and see if the next few editions of the race are similar, but it's a positive step. AGR and FW were too similar (sit in and wait for a sprint up the final climb) so a good move for AGR. FW needs a drastic overhaul.



I think Magnus Backstedt called it correctly: that Martin and QuickStep were in two minds about not contributing to the chase so Jungels had the chance to win and staying near the front for when things came back together. As it was, they were swamped by other teams and Martin was p20 or so when they hit Huy. No doubt he once again set the fastest time up the Huy...

I actually like the FW parcours - the Huy is a more distinctive climb and certainly more interested than the dull out-of-town A-road-look of the Cauberg. The steepness also makes for a bit of a spectacle when the riders fan across the road.

LBL is the one that really needs a rethink. It's too prestigious a race to be so dull and decided on a long drag in Ans.


I agree, to a point, about QS not working because of Jungels, but surely the QS DS must've known he wouldn't have a chance of a win without at least 1min off the penultimate climb. They should've told Martin to work for himself, knowing his previous performances on the Huy. Allowing him to be swamped because the team were working for Jungels is weird.


I think Bob Jungels is my current WT bae.


It just seemed like indecision rather than a real strategy to favour Jungels' chances over Martin. Also I get the sense one of real GC heavyweights in the peloton would have been smarter about rolling to the front while not contributing to the chase. Valverde wouldn't have been that far back were Moreno up front on his own, for example.


Scarponi killed in a collision with a van whilst out training :cry::cry:


Holy shit! He was only racing Tour of the Alps this week, came fourth. Fucking 'ell.



Fucking terrible, this


Oh fuck.

In great form at tour of the alps too. Glad he got to win a stage.



That's really awful news. Feeling for his family, they must be devastated :pensive:



Absolutely awful - I'm still in shock about it. He was one of the kindest and funniest riders in a sport often devoid of much personality.


Sounds like a fantastic women's race - of course I'm judging it by some Cyclingnews text commentary as it's 1973.


Bob "welcome to the" Jungels


liege looks a bit of a dump, eh


Always preferred bastogne


Yeah apparently it is. Trying to find somewhere which isn't Liege but in that part of Belgium to stay is proving HARD.