Pro Cyling Thread



Vanmarcke or Terpstra for ohn


Missed some great alpine skiing dude.





More banks


thats a nice jersey.


on the theme of spanish sponsored two wheel sporting events…


Get out, unless that bike has been ridden at a female CX world championships recently.


i’ll get my coat.


Just really glad Astana and Lotto Jumbo have gone to black bibs.


It’s pretty funny if you ride MTB where the debate ended soooo long ago

I think road bikes with discs can look awesome

Having said all that I’m not entirely sure I see the benefit for the pros riding in the summer/ dry conditions vs all the hassle with spare wheels/ neutral service wheels/ different standards of axles vs QRs etc. If you find yourself with a rubbing disc after a quick wheel swap it is much more hassle to sort out quickly vs a rubbing rim brake

The safety stuff is all nonsense though


YES! The season begins! :smiley:

Are the races on Eurosport this weekend? Might have to flick between them and the rugby.

I’m saying GVA for Omloop and Kristoff for KBK. Cannae wait lads!!


YES! \o/



See I agree with you, but can understand the opposite view. In MTB and CX, apart from the start, you never have 200 guys riding within 2 inches of each other and never at 30-40mph. So discs will only help on long wet descents and not when the bunch are rolling along the flat.

As for safety, they’re about as dangerous as spokes and nowhere near as dangerous as an exposed chain ring, but apart from Spinergy wheels in the 90s, spokes aren’t banned, even today’s bladed aero spokes are fine. But somehow discs are an issue


My hero :cry:


Het Volk today, K-B-K tomorrow, classic season has started!


Could be wet ones too! :smile:


Even better. Nothing will beat Gent-Wevelgem 2015 mind.


Dumoulin going great guns up this mountain in Abu Dhabi despite looking like he’s going to throw up.