Pro Cyling Thread



Not Going to lie, this is probably stage of the season, and the live coverage hasn’t even started. Will probably get 15-20kms of coverage if it carries on at this speed. Mental racing


Nice win by Cobrelli form a reduced bunch. Demare keeps yellow, Gilbert moves into 3rd. Contador, Heano, Martin (Dan) all finish safe within the bunch. Porte loses 14 mins 16 secs, ouch


Big fan of Colbrelli - palmares full of some classic hilly Italian races. It’s great to see him in the World Tour at last. My outside bet for M-SR.


He’s got the ability to pull it out of the bag, just depends on what type of group he rolls in with. Going to be an interesting race, lots of the versatile sprinters and rouleurs seem to be in form, or coming into form.


Spectacular wheel failure



Good wins for griepel + Thomas today: two of my favourite riders.


Griepel’s sprint was incredible. Like a rocket. Really thought Gronewegen had that in the bag, then boom, along comes Grieple


We up for doing a DiS velogames league for the classics season? (Runs MSR to LBL)

Know we did one for the Tour last year. Don’t mind starting a league if people are game?

(It’s a fantasy football type game for bike wankers)


Steve CummINgs


Almost felt sorry for Bertie losing by a handful of seconds to the evil empire AGAIN.



my mate has scheduled a birthday meal right as milan-san remo will be finishing

wtf man


Psst, I haven’t watched San Remo live ever, as it always sits on the final weekend of the six nations and I’m a massive Tory (always in the pub on an all dayer)

@hanshotfirst vINcenzo Nibali

@thewarn think Bertie’s attempt to shake the race up on the final stage is to be applauded. He might not win often any more, but he doesn’t half shake a race up. One of the only top tier riders to actually race anymore imo


Oh sure, it was great to see. Love his racing style. It’s just… y’know


Yep, i know, but where do you draw the line? Henao’s unpublished ‘altitude advantage’, the Yates boy’s salbutamol pop from last year? Or just at unrepentant, convicted dopers, a la Valverde, Bertie?


On a case by case basis, but ac, av and ib are all definitely the wrong side of the line.


Same, got a ‘Super Saturday’ bbq for last games of the 6 nations which will be great, but no way I’m getting to turn it over for the Cipressa / Pogio finale. : (

Kind of a formality anyway innit, Sagan all the way! :heart_eyes:


Fair enough. I personally think there’s a certain amount of double standards at play. We obviously know about Valve, Bertie, basso ect… but we’re alright with a dodgy tue in Yates case, or the ability of Sagan to perform all year round, Gilbert’s incredible season in 2011. I think the line is very blurred (through no fault of any clean cyclist, but the historical actions of their colleagues past and present) and, as such, treat all cyclists with a pinch of salt. We’ve been burnt too many times, and it will continue to happen.


Yeah, completely agree. I genuinely believe doping isn’t as rife as it once was, but obviously can’t entirely trust any single riders performances.

Having said that, that’s true of all Sports imho


We’re of the same mindset then. I will always look at Chris Froome and his transformation from proper also ran to multiple GT winner as an example of suspicion.

At least cycling is doing something about the culture. Rugby and athletics are burying their heads and football is a frigging joke. Bournemouth were given a 35k fine for doping violations. Pissing in the ocean


Ok folks.

Velogames League Code: 16115300

@rich-t @svenrokk

Can’t wait to have my top riders crash out early doors.