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Will have a play around later today


And then you’ll pick your velogames squad, right? WAHEEYYY!!! :yum:




Bouhanni scored the win in a crash marred Nokere Koerse yesterday. Adam Blyth finished second.

Belgian semi classics season continue tomorrow with Handzame tomorrow.

Then MSR on Saturday.


taylor phINney


paris-NICE to hear


Haven’t updated this in week or so.

Thrilling end to an otherwise boring (standard edition then) MSR. Sagan exploded on the Poggio and blew all but Kwiat and Alaphillipe away. They duked it out in the sprint. Looked like Sagan went early, but comments from Kwiat said he let the gap grow every so slightly so he could use the slipstream to more benefit. Love the photo of Sagan leaning into Kwiat.

Lots of classic racing this week. Dwars Door Vlaanderen today, first time at WT level so a very strong line up. May well end up in a bunch kick. E3 Harelbeke on Friday, Gent-Wevelgem on Sunday.

Over in Spain, it’s Volta a Catalunya. FDJ held the leaders jersey into yesterday’s TTT. Movistar beat BMC by 2 seconds, but were accused of cheating (pushing riders into line is a BANNED ACT). Initially, only the pushers were penalised, but overnight, the UCI officials found the rule book and corrrectly docked the whole team 1 minute as per the rules. Ben Hermans leads the race as of this morning. A bit of shambles really.

@hanshotfirst forgot to update my team going into today, so you might pull out a bit more of a lead


Imagine riding for 7 hours, in a headwind, then following an attack by an absolute beast of the sport at the top of a furiously paced climb, trying to build a gap over the chasing peloton and then after all of that, actually having the focus and energy to think about what kind of gap to leave when the sprint opens up - fuckin… MENTAL! The mind boggles. Some ride from Kwiato. I was buzzed watching that finale.

Yeah, only made one change to the velogames team, thinking more about E3 and GW this weekend. Looks like a 3-horse race already in the DiS league :yum:


Yves Lampaert (Quick Step) wins DDV, Gilbert finishes second for a 1-2 for the team. Better than their attempt at outdoing Stannard at OHN a couple of years ago. Absolutely cracking race.


Valverde wins up the climb to La Molina in catalunya, beating Dan Martin who finished second. Adam Yates finished third. TJvG in the leaders jersey, Sanchez second, Thomas third in GC


have you actually seen the footage of it? it’s like a gentle tap rather than an actual push, so innocuous. there was a good bit on velonews about how it’s actually a massive benefit and should quite rightly be punished etc etc but still looks like a crazy overreaction to idiots that don’t understand these things (ie: me)


That’s the exact reason why it’s banned. The power involved to force yourself into the back of a TTT is greater than pulling on the front. If somebody can gently ease you in with a little push it helps save vital energy that can be used to help drag the train along. As innocuous as it looks, they did it to Cippolini in the early 00s. He was a hopeless TTer, but those pushes helped him stay in the train and win the following stage. That link in my post explains why the law has to be properly applied


Enjoyed this about the Tour of Flanders:


Gonna miss RVV for the first time in years coz I’m off to Wembley for the final of the CHECKATRADE TROPHY.

I can’t believe I’ve done this.




what the fuck, man

I’m getting some nice Belgian beers for it I reckon, should be great


that’s not a bad idea akshually


Obv gutted I’m missing it live (will watch the full tv coverage in the evening though) whispers

but Paris-Roubaix is ACTUALLY my favourite monument. Don’t tell Rich.


Good stuff. RvV is easily my favourite monument. I have a lovely bespoke Massif Central print from my 5 peaks ride


I’m deffo not one of those “I LOVE THE PAIN!” people but this strangely makes me want to have a go: