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Proper flat track bully, but he bloody loves that race


Who does everyone fancy for Paris-Roubaix?

(Read a lovely article in the latest Rouleur, which I buy once in a blue moon, and I am dead excited.)

Sep VANMARCKE might never win it. So, I'll go emotion – Boonen to win his last, with Degenkolb second.


I think Japes will win it.


Sagan please.

Have a feeling Terpstra might do something though.


It'll be the Wahoo ELMNT wot did it


SVM OUT :frowning:



Interesting theory on the cycling podcast about QS. Interesting to see whether the whole team works for Boonen, or (as QS don't have a sponsor for next season yet) some riders use it as an advert for a contract.

Still like the look of GVA. Think that cobbles expose Sagan a bit as a rider (he's very upright position wise, which isn't always the best position for the terrain). Boonen has been quietly building up form and looked good at De Ronde and yesterday's race. Vanmarcke is out. Broken pinky and copius amounts of road rash.

I'm thinking Durbridge, Naesen and Kristoff will place highly, but GVA for me


Never going to win it – a true bridesmaid


Bit disappointed in PhilGil not riding for Boonen in return for all the work he did at Flanders. It might not have been specifically for Gilbert, but he did massively benefit from it. Only Terpstra and Stybar have any claim to be leader ahead of him, and having Boonen in the lead group as a distraction is best chance they have.


The Stannard interview from years ago makes great reading in the build up.

Put a couple of bets on - Naesen and Tony Martin each way as they could quite easily make the selection, though Martin probably requires problems for Kristoff. Also gone for Degenkobble as outright winner as Trek really need to do something.


Great piece on velonews about the 4 ways Boonen can win and one of them is "the long bomb" (a la 2012). My suspicion is that Boonen will race on his own accord and the rest will hedge their bets and back Terpstra


I watched RVV on the Paterburg, what a brilliant day. Was hoping for a Gilbert win beforehand, and what a way to do it. There was a big screen on the P'burg and a big 'ooooh' went up from the crowd when Sagan went down.

Was sitting in a bar in Ghent on the Friday night and Luke Durbridge walked in - had a brief chat, he's a friendly guy, so hoping he can do well at P-R after a solid ride at Flanders.


Nowhere better than Flanders on RvV Sunday. I was in Bruges for last year's depart and it was buzzing. Bumped into Eddy Merckx and everything. Then spent 7 hours in a bike shop that had turned into an ad hoc bar for the day. Free snacks and cheap Kwaremont beer (€2).

Very envious of you out on the Paterberg. Must have been an incredible atmosphere.


Anybody have Eurosport player? Is it worth the cash?


Just started using it. It's decent, but annoying that for some events they don't put the full replay up for ages afterwards (rvv wasn't up there for 2 days for instance). But absolutely fine for live events and nice selection of highlight clips too.


Only asking as I have a sky go log in, but it only allows 2 people to use the app at one time (5 log ins for the app). Thinking I'd need something a little more reliable than an intermittent sky go access and a sporza stream.


A Sunday in Hell

Victory for Boonen in his last race? redemption for GVA and Sagan? Outsider victory for a second year in a row?

Furious start. Breakaway has only just fired up the road and they've averaged 50.9kph for the first hour. Quick.


that's what I've got. it's fine. £20 for the year seemed pretty decent value.


sagan will surely be playing it cautious, especially after RvV but thinking about most of the finishes this spring he might want to be a bit more tactical?

would love to see boonen winning


50.5 kph average speed so far. Nuts