Pro Cyling Thread



Sagan puncture. Oss is having a stormer


GvA is a beast, fantastic ride from him. have to say stybar really fucked it in the velodrome though.


Sounds like GVA had a fucking stunner today. Really looking forward to the highlights


fucking hell, just watched the highlights of the paris-roubaix and enjoyed it :frowning: I like the Movistar team - think I’m gonna follow them.

Cycling Thread 2.0

One of us, one of us, one of us


just listening to the cycling podcast special on tro bro leon

wtf is this madness


It’s a great race but it’s not televised over here. Proper cult race. There’s a similar race in Belgium called Schaal Sels which is televised over here.


favourite of brusma’s iirc


Amstel Gold this weekend. Anyone care?

No cauberg at the end this year, so reduces the chances for Kwiatkowski/Valverde. Could be more success for GVA or Gilbert…


Not really. Terrible course, but like the idea of missing the final go of the Cauberg. Means that AGR and FW have a different feel to them, instead of being the same race as they used to feel


Looking forward to the Ardennes races more than ever this year, mainly because I think it’s fascinating how the 3 main contenders have taken very different routes to get here. Valverde owning every Spanish stage race going; Gilbert smashing the cobbles; Kwiatkowski pipping Sagan in MSR. Interesting to see who wins out or if they’re worn out.

I think they’ll share the races among them myself. Kwiatkowski for AGR, Gilbert for FW and Valverde for LBL.


Valverde for FW. Gilbert is a great shout for LBL but possibly too much climbing? AGR, I don’t really care, but hopefully a smaller team gets a result, much like seeing Wanty group Goubert and Bardiani on the podium last year


Man, track cycling is so much more entertaining that road cycling isn’t it





Some races are fun (points race, scratch race, elimination race, team pursuit), but don’t even match the long game of a stage race (unless it’s a sprint stage , zzz) or a one day race


nah, its far more entertaining. also without all the french bullshit, needy traditions of road racing.

just been reading about this, fucking hell.


Each to their own padre. Six day racing is nuts though


That crash in the women’s elimination race in the omnium looked fucking awful didn’t it.

I much prefer road racing fwiw but will happily watch literally anything to do with bikes won’t I.


Stellar ride from Damian Gaudin in Tro Bro Leon. Peloton seemed to underestimate the former wearer of the Paris-Nice yellow jersey and just saw the 3rd-division team jersey.


So strong at the finish, too. Kept on expecting the Wanty rider to swoop round after being guided to the finish, but Gaudin didn’t even need to draft him for a second.