Probably jumping the shark here but forgotten nirvana/bush knock-offs silverchair have the odd banger your life isn't complete without hearing


staking my reputation on this. idgaf, sue me.

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The real crime here is the implication that Bush weren’t Nirvana knock offs.

And that Bush had more than one song either, tbh.


Silverchair’s best of has a couple of good songs I suppose.


done within the first reply. a new record for me.

still loving this joyful noise:


No more maybes / babies got rabies.

Do they though?


course they do. just have to put yourself in the mindset of a 15 year old who thought nevermind was “too heavy”. totally makes sense then. everyone has a guilty pleasure and silverchair are mine. :wink:


i think of them as the australian muse.


Silverchair were fine. Considering they were super young they were alright

Bush were a bad choice to pick though


The Greatest View off Diorama is a good tune


sorry, i was too defensive about my choice of music topic and that led to the unfortunate bush ref. i rarely start these threads in here, but a few jars convinced me this was a good idea.

i am still convinced.


16 Stone is a good album.

This is now the grunge hot takes thread.




all for grunge hot takes, let’s do this.


Swallowed by Bush is a banger.


Celebrity Skin is a better song than anything Nirvana did (i dont really believe this but sort of do)


this is what i’m looking for, pals.


It IS an excellent pop song.


I believe @ericV and @Severed799 have a hot take that grunge is only some clothing and cannot be defined musically :wink:


actually lol-ing at this. i mean, they’re not entirely wrong tbf, you see a full band dressed in flannel and converse and you tend to think grunge :rofl:


Yield is Pearl Jam’s best album.