Probably now okay enough to talk about Mechanic Resurrection


I know. No one should have expected much BUT the first one was actually probably his best action film, so I had high-ish hopes.

Hopes crushed like a polystyrene cup under a mule’s hoof.

Low points include him planning to get into a prison surrounded by sharks by using a tube of cream called NO SHARK, and Tommy Lee Jones using something that looks like a powerpoint presentation to explain the terrible final escape.

None of it worked. Even Jessica Alba and Jason Statham being outrageously attractive didn’t do a THING for it. Sad times.

The Leftovers (HBO)

Watched it last night. So bad. I always watch anything with The Stath in, it’s like a counter to my love of foreign horror, and the wife likes him too so I don’t feel like a lad lining up for the latest one. It was so shit, the cgi of Sydney in one of the swimming pool shots was laughable and the 2 second rub down with No Shark was typical of the shoddy direction, writing and editing. Pretty much a vanity project for the producers I think, but a massive waste of everyone’s time. Jessica Alba used to be more than a pretty face, she was awful in this.

rant over<


Yeah really unsure what the hell anyone was thinking. Especially since the formula of the first one was largely recreate-friendly and anyone up for some non-cerebral action would have been chuffed. But instead you’ve got him helping Alba save herself from her inner demons and Tommy Lee Jones playing a character that should never be allowed to exist. That last few minutes with him at his computer is easily one of the single worst moments in a modern film for a good decade.


mechanic was not the best stath film, cmon now


yeah i realised after I’d said that that I was being mental

I think I mean best ‘serious’ action film


What is his best film?


transporter obvs

I quite liked ‘safe’ though. tbf all his films are the fucking same lol


Ha, yeah, agreed! But I watch them all :slight_smile:


Arguably Crank


crank! totally forgot about that

it’s obviously crank. crank II was also pretty awesome


Big fan of Transporter too


**Runs into thread, throws bag on the floor ** what have I missed?

Is it really that bad? Big fan of the first one as well. I’ll watch anything with Statham in.

@xylo - I watched Wild Card a few weeks back - not good, think you warned me about it. Best bit was the ending where he takes those lads out with a fucking fork and spoon. Bank Job is a bit bobbins as well, almost no fighting. What.

ANYWAY… his best film is obviously Crank. I also thought Safe was brilliant/looked great/directed (bit with the car).


Crank 2 was batshit mental. The bit where The Stath and his enemy turn into Godzilla type characters in the electricity substation is possibly the maddest moment in mainstream cinema history.


Yeah Wild Card should have just been that fight bit,basically. The rest was hard going. Safe is brill agreed. Gonna re watch that in fact


Yes. No one, on any level, saw that coming. It’s so great because up until that point you’re happy but it feels like it’s just more Crank - awesome, but you have the formula already figured out. And then BAM


Oh god, that bit :smiley:

Also, THIS:


They could have cut so much out of it, far too slow.

What did you think of Parker? Quite enjoyed that.


Yeah was ready to be a bit annoyed by Parker and it turned out surprisingly well. It’s kind of scary that he’s chalking up more and more good films when he doesn’t try and push outside of his comfort zone (but then thudding to the ground when he does)


Aye, all we want is fighting, bit of banter, more fighting, car chase, even more fighting and if we’ve time, some more fighting.

Would you say Homefront was a step out of the comfort zone? That felt a bit different from his normal stuff (dunno why) but was a decent action flick.


It’s so bad I atually laughed a lot, so time well spent…