Probably the best ready meal I've ever had


JEsus christ I’ve got so much work to do

I've never actually found the solution to this stupid DUCKING problem

That looks grim man…


Predicting quite a few twatbabies in this thread.


£2.50 is pretty good value


Arighht Jamie Oliver.


Poor Quackers


jesus christ look at all the sugar




Very rarely have ready meals, but was home alone one night before Xmas and they always have those Bighams ones for 3 quid in the shop at work so went for the chicken jalfrezi. Definitely the best ready meal I’ve had.

Takes a bit more effort than your normal ready meal (half hour in the oven rather than 3 mins in the micro) and not sure I’d ever pay full whack for one, but worth a punt when they’re reduced I reckon.


The duck was unbelievable. Takeaway quality.


I’m glad you enjoyed it


Honestly ready meals have become much better over the years but having lived off them for a few months during my last job I would like to never touch them again!


Chinese style ready meals are nearly always awful. only really get M&S or waitrose ready meals and are always great and better than the hassle of cooking, which is always an enjoyable chore,obvs


There’s an excellent thai-style ready meal in Tesco at the minute. Basically a battered chicken breast that you take out and oven cook and chop up, then seperate microwavable rice and sauce sections. It’s a stonecold 9/10.


Thing with that sort of thing is that it’s not a true ready meal. You can’t just chuck it in the microwave or oven. It’s like a ready meal/meal kit hybrid really.


It’s fine. I can work the oven.


It’s a two-appliance job though. Requires two sets of timing. Chopping the chicken breast up! That is a level of effort far above and beyond what should be required for a ready meal.


Used to live off of ready meals, then I got into cooking and so don’t have them any more. Used to enjoy an M&S Four Cheese Ravioli, mainly because it said on the packet that it contained 98 per cent of my RDA of saturated fat.


Charlie Bigham!!!


Where can I get these please? We don’t have a kitchen and I have no idea about ready meals.