Problem with loading further comments at the bottom of a page


seems to be a problem but not always, havent noticed a pattern yet as to when it happens. but sometimes you scroll to the bottom of your browser page and there might still be 30 or 200 hundred replies but they dont load and you have to navigate using the side bar to get to them.


i get this a lot. i usually refresh the page and that seems to work ok. annoying, though.


Does @ ing @moderators actually do anything?
@1101010 @plasticniki @Parsefone @system @discobot


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


I think the group will notify us now. Had a fiddle with the settings.

But aside from that, none of us have any ability to fix the server software. I see this happen sometimes on my phone and I think it’s when the site is taking a long time to load, which means that it’s holding up loading new replies for the scroll until it’s finished the download so it sort of locks you out until you use the blue slider. Irritating.


This is happening pretty regularly to me, I have to refresh to get them to load (haven’t tried the side nav thing).

Wondered if it was something to do with the heavy ads at the top? idk


seems to happen to me when the sidebar ads are on

can’t figure out why it does it on some threads and not others though


Pushing the replies down again with their weight, you mean? :smiley:

Actually tough to know about adverts because I never see them at all. Must be something about moderator’s privilege.


Check yo- oh, right.


still happening btw


it’s quite ridiculous tbh, especially on larger threads, have to refresh so many times


Happens to me as well, definitely seems a lot worse when the banners are on the side. Using Chrome on a Mac for what it’s worth.


I can’t scroll past like 20 posts. After that I have to drag the side bar down to the 21st post then carry on until I can no longer scroll, then repeat the above but one below where I am

It’s annoying


I just turned adblock back on and it stops it (sorry sean)

refreshing doesn’t seem to shake the ads anymore, they’re just there all the time


Happens when I use a mac with compass browser or whatever the fuck its called.




How the hell should I know?!


Was expecting, “No it’s really quite close!” as a response TBH.

(The compass symbol is the Safari browser logo, which is Apple’s equivalent of Internet Explorer.)


I’m still working on a RASTAFAR-I punchline. will keep you posted


was doing my nut so just stuck adblock back on fyi

(sorry sean)