Problem with loading further comments at the bottom of a page


This is still happening for me. Using chrome. No ad block installed.


I’m with @japes. Any ads with sidebars are interfering with the browser scrollbar/page-down key. A page refresh always loads a new ad. So if the new ad has no sidebars, you’re good. If the previous ad is reloaded or it’s another with sidebars, you’re stuffed.

I keep on refreshing until I get an ad with no sidebars. Or if a sidebar ad has block-booked DIS for a day, I use the thread scrollbar to go the latest reply and then use the browser scrollbar or page-up key to go back to the top. So making the entire thread is visible.


still an issue even with Adblock. Making me refresh every 5 or so posts cause I’ve got Bryan fucking Adams all around me

@discourse any options?


Interesting, I just created a test user to view the adds (@Discourse-testing) and could not reproduce this with or without Adblock enabled. I scrolled top to bottom in the 5 top posts for the year ( without any issues.


Did the ads have sidebars on both sides? Try with top only ads and with sidebar ads.


What do you mean by sidebars? Sorry, first time on a site with ads :smiley:.


When the browser window is maximised, some ads continue on the left and right side of the page. Like the letter ‘n’. While other ads only appear on the top.

See post 22 in this thread.


Ah, no. I did not see any of those ads when testing. I just loaded 30 or so additional topics, and did not see any sidebar ads on my widescreen monitor. I’ll ask one of our engineers about this.


That would be great thanks @jomaxro!


Just one thought: it might be worth upping that user to a ‘Member’ level 2 status. I know that as Admin I never see the adverts on the site but I have seen them when logged out. I presumed all lower levels would see the adverts or the same adverts but almost all our members are Level 2 so it’s possible the ‘bad’ adverts are only showing at that level maybe?


any further news on this? it’s extremely irritating


I’m having no problems today, and it’s entirely to do with the side ads not being present.