Problemo Thread #ssp



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I’ve got 2 right now.

Number 1 is I went to get chrome nails done today.
They’re supposed to look like this:

They came out like this: aka MEGA SHIT and not £46 worth of nail.

Got to go back tomorrow to get them fixed. Don’t want to but I can’t really remove them myself cause they’re shellac.

Second problem is I bought these 100 calories crisps from m&s. They’re just salted popchips basically but they’re SO GOOD that one pack is not enough. I’ve had two.

what you got going on


I don’t know anything about problem one - sorry
Problem 2 doesn’t sound like a problem


Having a very bad day mental health wise think I’ve alienated everyone at work by walking out of a massive meeting, about to go home and ruin everyone’s life there probably.


Problem is you can only buy them in a pack of 5.


I drank too much whisky last night and am very hungover STILL


I don’t see the problem here either, sorry.


Oh sexybum.
As for work, screw them. Sometimes you just got to walk out and have some time alone. Work friends aren’t real people anyway.
You won’t ruin everyones life at home. Take care of yourself and don’t be so hard on yourself xx


If two doesn’t go into five evenly, find a multiple that works.

i.e. buy ten packs. Or twenty.


just get 2 5-packs on a monday morning and you’re set for the working week. Bosh


Not being funny, but they look the same to me in both pictures.



I paid £46 to see my reflection in my nails. I can only see grainy shit glitter and chunks of pink and streaks on them.


I think they look good apart from the edges, maybe go back and ask them to sort out the edges (for free obv)


Oh, problem. I’ve got a massive piece of work that needs going by tomorrow. As in, there is a non-extendible statutory deadline that needs to be met. Barely did anything towards it today because I’ve felt too ill. Doubt I’m going to be feeling much better tomorrow, but I’m going to have to drive into work to finish (/start) it and get it filed. Not sure how I’m going to get it done, tbqfh.


Might start wearing my wedding ring at the end of my finger.




I asked for some days over Christmas off a couple of weeks ago. The way we ask for annual leave is all via email. My boss hasn’t confirmed that I can have it off :frowning:

I really should just ask her as I bloody sit next to her but in true social anxiety fashion I just can’t. I’ll build myself up to it next week I expect. I think the answer is no, though, goddamn it.




The rest of the nails look proper shit up close. From a distance they’re alright but they’re not what I wanted and now i’m stuck with them and can’t get my eyebrows threaded at lunch time tomorrow now.


Yeah if you’re paying £46 for them they have to be perfect, you should at least get a free soak-off (otherwise shame them on social media)


I don’t see what’s wrong with those nails personally but I’m very sorry you’re experiencing this problem.


Yeah I’d complain and get them fixed. My friend got some nails done and they put one on wonky, and she complained and got a free fixing session. It was a few days before she could have a second appointment though, so she had to walk around with one drunk fingernail constantly annoying her.