Product recalls


Have you ever had to give a product back from whence it came after it was recalled? I have not.


My sister gave me a Yorkshire Tea teapot for Christmas which got recalled, apparently on some teapots in this batch the bottom got dislodged when it got too hot. Kept it but still got a refund.


Did the bottom dislodge?


My car got recalled for a SERIOUS SAFETY FAULT* so I booked it in to be fixed. Then I was too hungover to drive it to the garage in the morning and I still haven’t done anything about it.

*the child lock can come undone if you hit a bump in the road


I’ve taken a car back to a dealership where there’s been a recall fix needed.

I think it must have been my Smart Roaster Coupe, and I think it was the brakes that needed something doing to them. A few hours in the garage and all was fine again.


remember we returned some power rangers ice poles when i was young coz they turned out to have alcohol in, was gutted.

returned to chandlers ford ASDA, for your records.


Not yet, not used it much though because two other people have bought me teapots as gifts. That’s three teapots for one person.


Had an early 2000s Clio recalled because of a risk of the bonnet opening at high speeds. Was quite happy to have them fix it, to be honest :flushed:


at least they weren’t Mighty Morphine Power Rangers Ice Poles